Application of plastic crate and mould in auto parts logistics


The automobile industry is developing rapidly. As an au […]

The automobile industry is developing rapidly. As an automobile logistics industry closely related to the automobile industry, it also faces enormous opportunities and challenges. As the most important part of automobile logistics, auto parts logistics is the link connecting all parts suppliers, vehicle manufacturers and end users in the automotive supply chain system. It is a modern transportation, warehousing, storage, loading and unloading. , packaging, distribution processing and logistics information and other services in one.

In the process of standardization of plastic crates, the original plastic crates have a certain impact on the standards of plastic crates due to the ownership of different enterprises.

The ownership of plastic containers is relatively complex, some of which are owned by vehicle manufacturers, some are supplied by component suppliers, and a considerable number of plastic containers are assets purchased by third-party logistics companies. Choose from famous crate mould manufacturers will benefit a lot.

The issue of ownership has created certain obstacles to the recycling of goods. Ideally, the plastic totes are managed by a third-party logistics company to form a public system. In view of the current situation, automobile manufacturers, component suppliers and third-party logistics companies have a certain amount of plastic turnover boxes. Therefore, the management and ownership of the plastic container needs to be re-planned. At present, the solution for most enterprises is mainly to gradually replace the plastic turnover boxes of component suppliers and vehicle manufacturers with the plastic turnover boxes of third-party logistics enterprises. Or the third-party logistics company acquires the existing plastic turnover box of the component supplier or the automobile production enterprise, and puts it into its own management system, and then provides it to the automobile production enterprise by renting.

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