Arrangement of regular maintenance time for injection molding machine


  1. Weekly inspection and maintenance items 1) Ch […]


1. Weekly inspection and maintenance items
1) Check and tighten all connecting bolts, such as toggle joints and fastening bolts of moving parts, mold fastening and connecting bolts or screws of moving parts in the structure, limit switch fixing locking screws, etc.

2) Check the cooling pipes and oil paths of each system in the cooling device of hydraulic oil and lubricating oil to see if there is any leakage of oil or water, and if necessary, properly tighten or replace the sealing gasket.

3) Carefully check the change of grease in each lubrication point and oil pipeline: whether the oil is mixed with water, whether there is metal powder or other debris in the oil, if necessary, replace the lubricating oil or filter it.

2. Monthly inspection and maintenance items
1) Check the quality of the hydraulic oil and find that the oil contains impurities, if the amount of oil is insufficient or contains water, it should be processed in time. Add insufficient hydraulic oil.

2) Check whether there is any looseness in the circuit of each point device.

3) Check the ventilation filter on the electric control box to remove dirt, remove and clean if necessary.

4) Clean the hydraulic oil filter.

5) Perform a cleaning process on each movable surface (such as the rod, sliding guide surface of the injection seat, etc.), and then reapply new lubricant.

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