Brief introduction of plastic table and chair mould and plastic bucket mould


Plastic table and chair mold manufacturer explained Pla […]

Plastic table and chair mold manufacturer explained

Plastic table and chair mould manufacturer specializes in providing round table moulds, square table moulds, rectangular table moulds, beach chair moulds and daily chair moulds.

Plastic table and chair molds are generally made of PP. In order to make the product appearance full and without a miniature, calcium carbonate is added to PP. PC can be used for fully transparent table and chair mould. The flower plate of the back of the plastic chair mold can be exchanged in different colors according to your production requirements. At the same time, the cushions can also be interchanged. Plastic chair molds have different demoulding methods, and different molds will be designed. For automatic release, it is suitable for flipping and topping, while the manipulator is suitable for topping up.

Plastic bucket mould manufacturer

Plastic bucket mould manufacturers can provide you with bucket moulds, paint bucket moulds, industrial trash can moulds, household trash can moulds, industrial trash can moulds, etc.

Plastic barrels are generally made of PE or PP, and the gate is usually a hot runner. It is more cost-effective to use 2738 or 718 for the steel of plastic bucket molds, and the hardness can reach HRC35-38. Plastic bucket molds have certain requirements for injection molding machines, mainly:

1. The mold-moving stroke must be considered, which should not be less than twice the barrel height;

2. The mold thickness shall not exceed the maximum mold thickness of the machine.

For plastic bucket molds, robots can be used to pick up parts, which can save labor costs.

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