Cover mold overview


  The cover mold is generally made of engineering […]


The cover mold is generally made of engineering polypropylene PP, with various shapes and sizes. Generally, it is used on high-speed roadsides, high railway sides, roadsides, roadsides, and some rivers, reservoirs, dams, riverbanks, and mountains. And so on.

The cover mold is a commonly used mold. The trench cover mold also includes a tunnel cover mold, a power cable cover mold, a drainage trench cover mold, a fire cover mold, etc., and the sales volume of the trench cover mold is gradually increasing. Growth, improved production technology, proficient manufacturing technology, and the development and use of new energy, the overall market has made great progress. Gutter cover molds are the most commonly used. The development and use are relatively early. The overall market utilization rate is Gradually increasing, the state supports the construction of high-speed high-speed rail, and the sales of cover molds will be considerable in the future.

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