Development of plastic molds, plastic injection molding


  The development of plastic molds, plastic inject […]


The development of plastic molds, plastic injection molding of plastic products under the constraints of these many composite factors, show the shortcomings of injection molded products, so speculate the meaning of the occurrence of defects and the possible location and type of products, mold design and improvement, summarize the rules of the defects, It is particularly important to develop with reasonable technical operating conditions. Describe the mechanism and solution of injection molding defects in the three main elements of plastic material characteristics, mold layout, injection molding technology, and injection molding equipment that affect the injection molding process.

The main content of mold installation is to install the processed mold parts and standard parts into a complete mold according to the requirements of the entire mold installation drawing. During the installation process, some mold parts need to be polished and retouched. After the mold test, specific parts must be adjusted and modified so that the products produced in the mold meet the requirements of the array and the mold is in normal contact to ensure that the mold processing process is complete.

Development of plastic molds, injection molding of plastic products

Detailed decision on success or failure has become the standard pursued by various industries. At present, the precision of products is getting higher and higher, and the quality requirements are becoming stricter. This requires strict control and strict supervision of all aspects of the product in the production process, especially the injection processed product industry.

Due to the limitation of mold size and weight, it usually takes a long time to clamp the workpiece. Therefore, the use of a 3-axis driven machining center can not only reduce the number of debugging and clamping of the workpiece, but also will not affect the machining accuracy of the machine tool, thereby significantly improving the production capacity of processing large molds in the workshop.

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