Development of plastic parts molds precision plastic shell mold processing


  The method to effectively control the developmen […]


The method to effectively control the development of molds or reduce the cost of mold development has become a question that many mold manufacturers and customers are considering. Where can I quote to Shenzhen Plastic Mold Factory, the same product, and different manufacturers? The results are definitely different. People must Stick out your tongue, most of the mold cost control determines the mold price. Under the premise of ensuring quality, mold development and manufacturing costs can be reduced, and it can be completed by molds other than others, which is the competitiveness of all mold factories. In order to reduce mold costs, a number of factors may be considered that may affect mold costs. Factors affecting mold cost include designing the product reasonably, changing the design of the product, whether to improve the mold design, the number of trials of the mold, purchasing mold materials and standard parts. Some of these are reasonable costs and some are controllable costs.

Compared with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Tokyo, and the Tokyo Institute of Technology, this technology in China is in a leading position in theoretical research and practical application, and is currently being developed for widespread application. 3. The resin stamping mold was successfully applied to the trial production of domestic cars. FAW Mold Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has designed 12 resin molds for the trial production of new small red flag cars. These 12 molds are large and complicated deep drawing molds for inner and outer covers, including luggage, caps, front, rear, left and right fenders. The main feature is that the mold surface is based on the main model of CAD / CAM processing. Flow plate casting molding, the concave-convex mold gap has precise control of imported wax plates, high mold dimensional accuracy, shortening the manufacturing cycle to one third, and saving about 10 million yuan in manufacturing costs (12 mold equipment). This has opened a new way for the prototype and small-scale production of cars in China. The orthodoxy of Swiss motorcycles is believed to reach the international level of the 1990s.

Development of plastic parts molds, precision plastic shell mold processing

Development of plastic parts molds, precision plastic shell mold processing 2. Bubble treatment for vacuum discharge: After the silica gel and curing agent are well mixed, the bubble ring for vacuum discharge should not be too long. Generally, when the vacuum time is too long for more than 10 minutes, the silica gel immediately hardens, and a cross-linking reaction occurs. The silica gel becomes a mass without sol and perfusion, the silica gel is wasted, the silica gel is poured into a trash can, and the silica gel is collected again.

At the same time, there is a great demand for plastics in the construction industry, home appliances, and automobiles. It is estimated that the automotive and motorcycle industries need more than 10 billion yuan of plastic molds each year, and color TV plastic molds also have a market of about 2.8 billion yuan each year. You can see that the overall heat flow in the mold market is smooth. In the future, the development speed of plastic molds in the mold market will be faster than other molds, and the proportion of the mold industry will gradually increase.

Development of plastic parts molds, precision plastic shell mold processing

Development of plastic parts molds, precision plastic shell mold processing4, including the injection channel of the injection molding machine nozzle to the cavity: injection port, diverter, gate and cold cavity. In particular, the selection of the gate position helps the molten plastic to fill the cavity in a good flowing state, and the solid runner and gate cold runner attached to the WIP can be easily ejected in the mold when the mold is opened. And delete (except hot runner mode).

The mold surface contains two plan views and vertical section cuts. You must cut each product as much as possible. Especially for products with very different pincushion levels, draw the pincushion line of the product in a plan view. The accuracy of the mold, that is, avoiding the system of card, guide pin, pin, etc., chooses different methods according to the appearance quality of the product, the quality and life of the mold, and the mold structure. It mainly depends on the control of processing accuracy. The internal model is mainly considered by the designer. , Reasonable and easy to adjust.

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