Factors affecting the quality of injection molds 2


  2. Structural design The mature mold structure n […]


2. Structural design

The mature mold structure not only considers the product material properties, shrinkage rate, molding temperature, elastic tensile deformation coefficient, etc., but also considers the cooling water channel, the speed of opening and closing the mold, etc. Reasonable mold structure can effectively extend the life of the mold and ensure the smooth production of the mold, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

3. Mold processing

If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his weapon. The arrangement of the mold process is particularly important. A reasonable process arrangement can speed up the production cycle, shorten the processing time, and effectively save costs. And more importantly, accurate and reasonable processing can ensure the stability of the mold in the production process and extend the life. Some processing errors may lead to mold welding, no matter how good the welding is, it is a loss for the mold; in addition, poor processing may also affect the mold movement, reduce the life of the mold, and cause the mold to crack during the production process Even broken.

4. Standard parts

It is the lowest wooden bar that determines the bucket capacity. Everyone understands this truth, but when doing it, they often fail to notice it. The same is true of the mold. Although the standard parts are not directly involved in the molding, they control the operation of the entire mold. Good standard parts should be wear-resistant, hard enough, high precision, and not suitable for deformation. The price difference of standard parts of different brands is very large, so don't just kill the price when you make the mold, kill it, your mold will be reduced to the public from Mercedes-Benz.

5. Collision (flying model)

It is the experience of the mold fitter who is leaning against it. The seemingly simple work is the most technical work. Complicated mold mainly depends on this effort. The flat mold is the simplest, as long as the fractal surface has no burr breakage, it is basically ok. Auto parts molds are very troublesome. Not only are the fractal surfaces irregular, but they often include multiple sliders and top blocks. At the same time, other problems of the mold can be improved and perfected through the collision, so it is a comprehensive work.

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