Factors affecting the quality of injection molds 3


  6. Polishing/Dermatoglyph The polishing of the m […]


6. Polishing/Dermatoglyph

The polishing of the mold is the last link in the manufacture of the mold. Polishing is directly reflected on the plastic parts, so this is the most face-saving job. Polishing can also play a role in helping and supplement the mold movements, especially for demolding. Often the production of some molds is not smooth because of insufficient lighting, excessive resistance, difficulty in demolding, and even top whiteness and cracking.

7. Mold assembly

Mold assembly is just like assembling a machine. Every component and every screw can't make mistakes, otherwise the consequences will be quite serious, ranging from product defects, affecting production, and severe damage to the mold, causing scrap. Therefore, the assembly work must be very meticulous. During the assembly process, pay particular attention to the cleaning of the mold, especially the waterway and screw holes, and be sure to blow the iron scraps inside.

8. Hot runner or cold runner

This actually has the least impact on the quality of the mold, because the hot runners are generally designated by customers, especially some large customers. The well-known foreign brands are in place in terms of quality and after-sales service, so there is generally no problem in quality. However, some domestic hot runners have very different quality. In order to save costs, individual small enterprises strive for price advantages, and use some unreliable heating and conduction accessories, which is prone to problems. The main problem of the cold runner is how to ensure the balance of injection molding, gate size, injection pressure and so on.

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