Factors affecting the quality of injection molds


  Mold manufacturing is a complex process, from de […]


Mold manufacturing is a complex process, from design, processing, assembly, debugging and other steps, to the final real use, in the entire life cycle, the factors affecting the quality of the mold are mainly the following 10 aspects.

1. Mold steel

Steel is the decisive factor for the quality of the mold. Choosing reasonable steel is the top priority. The selection criteria for steel are:

①Requirements for injection molding materials

Different plastics should use different steels, such as high polishing requirements, corrosion resistance requirements, etc .;


Steel properties can be used as much as possible, not as expensive as possible; considering the cost of the mold, the steel material of the mold should be selected according to the life of the mold to avoid unnecessary waste; the life of the general P20 material is about 300,000; the 2738 material is 500,000 is no problem, H13 / 2344 is usually more than 800,000-1 million, you can choose according to the situation;

③Surface treatment

The surface treatment of the mold is also very important. Nitriding can enhance the surface hardness of the steel and effectively extend the life of the mold; electroplating can effectively modify the mold steel, and some plastic parts that require high brightness and corrosion resistance can use electroplating to enhance and improve the performance of the steel.

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