How to choose a high-quality injection molding factory?


1. What is mold injection? Injection mold is an indispe […]

1. What is mold injection?
Injection mold is an indispensable tool for the production of plastic products in the process of industrialization and mass production. It affects the complete structure and precise size of plastic products. Injection molding is one of the tools used in mass production of plastic products. This kind of processing method specifically refers to injecting the material melted by heat into the mold cavity by high pressure, after cooling and solidifying, the molded product is obtained.

Injection molding can achieve one-time molding of plastic products with complex shapes. It is a high-efficiency and large-scale production method. The pros and cons of injection molds directly affect the quality of injection molding. In the mold industry, if you want to process high-precision, high-quality, and complex-shaped injection molds, you must rely on advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing software to compile reasonable processing procedures. This is to ensure processing quality, improve production efficiency, and reduce Effective way of labor intensity.

2. Four elements of injection molding:
(1) Plastic mold
(2) Injection molding machine
(3) Plastic materials
(4) Molding conditions

3. Injection molding
The specifications of the injection molding machine range from 50T to 200T, vertical and dual-type machines, providing a full range of services from product design, mold development and manufacturing, to injection molding, fuel injection, silk screen printing, and assembly, and can process various engineering plastic products.

4. Types of injection products:
Botenner mainly produces earphone shells. At the same time, a professional plastic design department, mold manufacturing department, and injection molding department have been established to provide one-stop solutions for users from product design to product delivery, and to ensure the product's qualified rate.

So, how do users choose a powerful and well-known injection molding factory to process products?

1. The first thing to bear is to investigate whether this factory has a professional mold design and development department
Doors, and the actual situation of the injection department, but don’t be confused by the superficial phenomenon. Don’t use the cleanliness of the workshop to determine the strength of a factory. More importantly, check the injection molding machine equipment, management system, and the boss’s business philosophy. Good molds will have good products.

2. Sample boarding
Before opening the mold for production, it is necessary to check whether the model meets your needs through proofing. Professional manufacturers will designate relevant staff to seamlessly connect with customers, from the initial stage of design to final product determination, to ensure seamless connection between users and the factory, and to ensure the progress of the product.

3. Have production and processing capabilities to conduct in-depth technical communication
As a customer, we all hope to find a terminal manufacturer to avoid the cost of the intermediate transfer link. Therefore, you can conduct on-site inspections of the factory when choosing, and then cooperate with some deeper questions to discuss, you can know the depth of the injection molding strength of this manufacturer.

4. After-sales service capability
The production capacity of the manufacturer is not only related to whether it can deliver on time, but also whether it can solve the problem quickly when encountering problems in the mass production process, and will not delay the customer's delivery or even affect the customer. Reputation, interests and brand image.

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