How to improve the quality of the mold in the process of injection mold processing?


Manufacturing plastic molds is a very complicated proce […]

Manufacturing plastic molds is a very complicated process. From the initial design, processing, assembly, debugging and other steps to the final actual use, the impact of each process on the quality of injection molds must be considered throughout the entire life cycle. All details must be in place to improve the quality of the final injection mold.

1. Choose a good casting material. The quality of the material directly affects the quality of the injection mold. It is very important to choose a material with good performance and good heat resistance. In this way, the product produced is the best.

2. The design of injection molds should be scientific and reasonable. For technical researchers, if they want to design products that meet the current market needs, they must be designed reasonably and use the most standard mold structure to complete the advantages and disadvantages of mold parts. , Standard implementation of mold structure usability and technical processability.

3. A perfect quenching process. For injection molds, the quenching process is indispensable. The quenching steps must be operated correctly. If a step is incorrectly operated, it will cause quality problems in the produced molds and cause the injection molds to fail. Use or shorten the service life.

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