Development problems in the injection mold industry


The development of plastic injection molds in China dep […]

The development of plastic injection molds in China depends on the development of the plastics industry, and the development of the plastic products industry has promoted the development of injection molds. In recent years, the industries requiring plastics such as automobiles, home appliances, office supplies, industrial electrical appliances, building materials, and electronic communications have developed rapidly, so the injection mold industry has also experienced rapid growth.

Some of the major problems that exist today will be better resolved through exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, and the industry and the joint efforts of all parties. However, if the development of China's injection mold industry wants to catch up with the advanced level of foreign countries, the following problems still exist:

1. Unbalanced development and low overall product levels. Although some plastic mold company's products have reached a high level, close to international standards, in general, the gap between the surface roughness, production cycle, life expectancy and other indicators of precision mold cavity and foreign advanced level is still more than 10 years. . 2. Technical equipment is backward and organizational coordination is poor. Although some companies have a more advanced level of technical equipment through technological innovation. But most enterprise technologies and equipment are still relatively backward. What's more important is that our company is difficult to integrate or mobilize social resources very well in terms of organization and coordination, so it is difficult to undertake large-scale projects.

3. Most plastic mold companies have weak development capabilities. On the one hand, the proportion of technicians is low and the level of technicians is not high enough. On the other hand, there are fewer R&D investments More importantly, research and development has not received attention.

4. Management issues. Technical backwardness is often easy to see, but management problems are more difficult to find. The gap between plastic mold enterprises at home and abroad is particularly evident in management.

5. The development of production cannot keep up with market demand, and it is difficult to resolve the contradiction between supply and demand. The supply contradiction in the domestic market will continue for some time, especially for high-end products.

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