Introduction of disposable tableware mould and turnover box mould


Disposable tableware mould One-time plastic tableware i […]

Disposable tableware mould

One-time plastic tableware is welcomed by the catering industry because of its recyclability, environmental protection, low cost, and long service life. One-time plastic tableware includes many types, including disposable plastic lunch boxes, plastic bowls, disposable plastic knives and forks, and disposable plastic spoons.

The disposable tableware mold is processed by high-precision machining. The core part of the mold is made of S420 steel. This material has a good polishing effect and can make the product more transparent. At the same time, it is a stainless steel material that can ensure a longer mold life. In addition, Some products use beryllium bronze as the core part of the mold, which can effectively ensure that disposable tableware products are more smoothly filled during injection molding, with better cooling effects and higher product quality.

If your disposable plastic tableware products have a high output, we recommend that you use a high-speed injection molding machine. The following auxiliary equipment should be equipped during production, such as automatic feeder, chiller, air compressor, detailed injection molding machine and auxiliary equipment .

Turnover box mould

The turnover box has to go through processing procedures such as forging, CNC milling roughing, quenching and tempering, and CNC milling finishing. The plastic of the turnover box is generally HDPE, PP and other plastics.

The turnover box generally uses a four-point hot runner to push out the material. The advantages of using hot runners are:

1. Save materials, do not need to cut the gate, and then crush.

2. Speed ​​up the cycle and improve production efficiency.

3. In the long run, costs can be reduced.

The turnover box mould has the following special requirements:

1. The exhaust effect should be good, otherwise the plastic products will have black spots, etc., and the serious ones will burn;

2. The superposition effect is better, and it does not move when superimposed;

3. The Huff line is better and does not grind your hands.

4. The mold should be highly polished

Because the turnover box is a daily necessities, there should be no flashes, burrs, etc. to avoid scratching the skin.

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