Mold plastic processing skills


Plastics are becoming more and more widely used in simp […]

Plastics are becoming more and more widely used in simple tableware, kitchen supplies, complex mechanical parts, and electronic product housings, but for high-precision plastic parts such as electronic product housings, injection molding must start with injection molding and start with mold Manufacturing began to value its accuracy requirements.

What factors determine the accuracy of plastic injection molding, and how to improve the accuracy of thin-walled injection molded parts?

1. Shutdown: In principle, it should be greater than the total pressure in plastic injection molding, and based on non-burr.

2, the goal of pressure and speed is to put in raw materials in a part of the week with the same relationship, make it even, thorough, and fill the corners in an appropriate amount. Too low phenomena include shortness, shrinkage, too large, fluffy, sticky, burning, weak mold and high internal stress.

3. Fast speed determines the state of raw materials in main organic and finished products. Hair tips, supersaturation, tower bombs, short shots when slow, shrinkage, easy to break due to poor joints, etc.

4. Temperature Different raw materials, different temperatures, the melt does not pass, the color is uneven, thereby increasing the internal stress of the finished product. The temperature is too low, the screw is broken, the temperature is too high, the product has a guy, the temperature difference caused by cooling will cause shrinkage. The raw materials are easily decomposed, yellow, discolored, and damaged. Long cooling time and poor air discharge.

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