Plastic mold production


Plastic mold production. Open mold injection molding pl […]

Plastic mold production. Open mold injection molding plant. Excellent mold materials and high hardness molds mainly use high-quality alloy steel, especially long-life molds, making it Crl2, and other welding foot body steel. This steel has strict requirements from blank forging, processing to heat treatment. Therefore, the compilation of processing technology cannot be ignored, and heat treatment deformation is also a problem to be taken seriously during processing.

Rubber mold factory, in use, the tension spring is usually one of the damaged parts of the mold, showing cracked and deformed appearance. The method used has been replaced, but the standard and type of tension spring must be paid attention to during the replacement process. The standard type of tension spring is determined by the color, outer diameter and length that can only be replaced if the three are the same.

Plastic mold production

Intelligent mold was born from the advancement of modern science and technology. Intelligent mold is a necessary condition for modernization. Therefore, the demand for smart molds is increasing, and shopping mall resolutions have emerged. Smart molds are a future need, and of course, they will also develop in the direction of mold process development.

When filling the mold at a low speed, the flow rate is stable, the product size is relatively stable, the fluctuation is small, the internal stress of the product is low, and the stress in each direction of the product tends to be consistent. (Parts molded by high-speed injection tend to crack, and low-speed tends to not crack). Under slower filling conditions, the temperature difference of the material flow, especially when the temperature difference between the material before and after the nozzle is large, can prevent shrinkage and sag. However, if the filling time lasts for a long time, the combination may delaminate and produce incorrect welding marks, which will not only affect the appearance but also significantly reduce the mechanical strength.

The production of plastic molds, injection molders, mold design, high temperature design, application channel design, installation matching and other factors need to be considered. High-gloss injection molding uses high temperatures or steam to create a balanced heating tube in the mold. After ejecting the injection molding machine, if the water is circulated through the high temperature, the mold temperature is first raised to the set value, and then the plastic is injected into the cavity. The injection molding machine begins to recover hot water and cold water during charging and cooling. If the mold temperature drops rapidly to the set value, open the mold and recover the cold water to complete the entire injection process.

Parting surface, that is, the contact surface where the concave mold and the convex mold cooperate with each other when the mold is closed. Select the position and shape according to factors such as product shape and shape, wall thickness, molding method, post-treatment process, mold type and structure, demolding method and molding mechanical structure.

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