Plastic products injection mold processing


  "Mold Ming" refers to the processing of molds an […]


"Mold Ming" refers to the processing of molds and blank tools, and also includes cutting dies and die cutting dies. Generally speaking, the mold consists of two parts: the upper mold and the lower mold. If the flat plate is placed between the upper and lower concave dies and used as the press molding material, when the press is turned on, a workpiece with a shape determined by the mold can be obtained, or corresponding waste can be removed. The small-electronic connector, the workpiece between the instrument panel of the car can be formed with a mold.

For machine tool spindles, the built-in cooling technology must be used to cool the spindle outside the bearings. In this way, the spindle itself will not be burned or the accuracy will be lost due to thermal expansion during a long processing. These factors are very important because it takes a long time to process large molds, and under re-cutting conditions, the mold heat and stress will increase. Therefore, the structural parts of the machine tool (a prerequisite for processing large and high-quality molds) must have good rigidity and thermal characteristics. Therefore, the vibration of the machine tool during processing must be limited, and the heat generated during the processing must be diffused. Choosing the right machining tools and tools will bring a win-win situation in both cost and cycle time.

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