Process secrets of mold manufacturers


Only experienced mold manufacturers can fully understan […]

Only experienced mold manufacturers can fully understand the process of mold manufacturing, and can explain in detail the characteristics of modern mold manufacturing technology. Please take a look at the collated information below.

1. As the parts and components of modern molds, the casting molds mostly use interchangeable standard parts. Therefore, the key points in the modern mold manufacturing process are: mold forming parts manufacturing and mold assembly.

2. The finishing process (such as polishing and grinding) and mold assembly process of the mold forming part manufacturing process mainly rely on manual work. It accounts for a large proportion of man-hours. Sometimes, casting molds are similar to those of machining. Therefore, when formulating the processing procedures of molded parts, it is the main point to reasonably improve the processing accuracy and surface roughness of the molded parts, and to reduce the manual working hours.

3.According to the mold injection part structure, and its profile manufacturing accuracy requirements are high, and the characteristics of precision molding processing are required, CNC machine tools and computer technology are used to form the mold CAD dragon AM. FMS manufacturing technology to realize the digitalization and integration of design and manufacturing Production; to achieve a high degree of integration of process content to reduce forming errors.

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