Progress and precision injection of plastic mold factories


  Industrial design, strengthen the degree of manu […]


Industrial design, strengthen the degree of manufacturing molds, implement new mold technology, and become more and more interested in mold quality. From any point of view, today's life, many things are gradually being replaced by plastics. No matter which region's plastic factory produces products, Causes great attention to quality issues. Any quality problem will lead to cracks, sticky molds, deformation, flying edges, dimensional head problems, etc.

Plastic mold factory product quality includes:

⑴ Service life: By ensuring product quality, the number of work cycles that a mold can complete or the number of manufactured parts manufactured.

⑵Product quality: product size stability, applicability, product surface finish, use of product materials, etc.

⑶Mould use and maintenance: It is the easiest to use, easy to remove paint, and the production support time is as short as possible.

Basic methods to improve the quality of plastic mold factories: mold design is the most important step to improve mold quality, mold material selection, mold structure availability and safety, plastic mold factory manufacturing process is also an important part to ensure mold quality, mold manufacturing process The processing method and processing accuracy will affect the life of the mold, enhancing the surface of the main injection mold forming parts of the mold, improving the correct use and maintenance of the mold zero mold are also the main factors to improve the quality of the mold. For example, the mold installation and debugging methods must be appropriate. If there are hot runners, the power wiring must be correct and the cooling water channels must meet the design requirements. When producing the mold, the parameters of the injection molding machine, die casting machine and press must meet the design requirements.

In the packaging industry, the reason why injection molding is becoming more popular is that people use multilayer molds. With the development of hot runner technology, the use of thin-wall injection molding technology can save the cost of raw materials. Other special processes (mold marking method and multi-component technology) have also played an active role in reducing process steps, increasing yield and improving efficiency. effect.

Plastic packaging materials, especially in the food industry, the characteristics of weight and durability have greatly contributed to improving our living standards today. They are also used to transport large industrialized products to all parts of the world. Without packaging materials, it is unimaginable. In the past few years, the entire plastic packaging market, mainly deep-draw packaging plastic films, has grown rapidly, and packaging materials such as packaging boxes and cups are gradually replacing them.

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