The construction of the module library is mainly composed of two parts


The construction of the module library is mainly compos […]

The construction of the module library is mainly composed of two parts. The construction of the module library consists of three stages: module classification, structural feature model and custom feature creation. The standard part of the plastic mold is a special case of the modules existing in the module library. Yes. Definition takes only two steps, and module partitioning is a modular design step.

1. Mix the silica gel and curing agent evenly. The appearance of the molded silica gel is a fluid liquid, component A is a silica gel, and component B is a curing agent. Example: Take 100g of silica gel and add 2g of hardener, which will affect the life of the silicone mold and the number of mold turning times, and the mold may be discarded.

Jinshan Plastic Mold Structure Co., Ltd. has a variety of tools that can make people more convenient in modern life. In order to beautify plastic products, plastic molds usually need to be polished before mass production. Otherwise, plastic products and product launches will be cumbersome. The surface is also shiny. For example: laptop, charger, fan, etc. Therefore, pay attention to some details when polishing plastic molds, otherwise the service life of the mold will be shortened.

The flowless injection molding method refers to an adiabatic heating method using a convection channel, and there is no injection system when the mold is taken out by keeping the plastic between the injection molding machine nozzle cavity molten. material. The former is called adiabatic Euro injection molding, and the latter is called hot runner injection molding.

Pre-adjust a certain metering amount in order to apply additional injection pressure (second or third injection pressure) according to the filling conditions of the mold, so that a small amount of melt (buffer amount) remains on the screw tip near the end of the injection stroke. Add a little to dissolve. In this way, compression of the product can be prevented or shrinkage of the product can be adjusted.

的 The advantages of plastic mold system compared with other molds: Plastic mold injection products have higher density, size temperature and mechanical strength than ordinary injection products, and the electrical performance can reach the level of compression products. After the molding material is plasticized in the cylinder, the cavity is filled by screw injection. The second stage is the compression molding stage. In this stage, the parting surfaces are tightly combined under a certain pressure, and then the pressure is maintained and cured. After molding, open the mold and remove the product. The structure of plastic molds is actually very complicated, but its advantages cannot be ignored.

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