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Professional thin-walled plastic mold manufacturer, pro […]

Professional thin-walled plastic mold manufacturer, produces thin-walled plastic molds, thin-walled plastic products for you, such as thin-walled plastic lunch boxes, aviation cups, yogurt cups, thin-walled in-mold labeling, etc. We are a skilled thin-wall mold manufacturer.

Thin-walled plastic molds have higher requirements on steel materials and processing. Due to the concentricity of thin-walled plastic products, the product surface has a higher requirement for light effect. Therefore, S420 and S136 steel materials are the most ideal. This kind of steel is Swiss stainless steel and polished. The steel with the best effect, the hardness of the steel can reach HRC45-52 after vacuum quenching.

The number of cavities of thin-walled plastic molds will be individually locked, which is beneficial to control the concentricity of the product, and mold processing, and also plays a vital role in the daily maintenance of the mold. In addition, the company has a dust-free injection molding workshop equipped with robots to take parts to achieve dust-free, high-speed, and high-output. Customers can choose to produce thin-walled plastic products in the company according to their own output requirements, and thin-walled in-mold labeling and molding. We welcome your Visits and visits, I believe we can make you more worry-free and at ease.

If you have a new project and want to know about thin-wall plastic mold manufacturers, thin-wall plastic molds, inquiries for thin-wall plastic products, and production line construction for thin-wall in-mold labeling, please contact us, we will provide you with the best quality Service, welcome your inquiry!

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