What is the importance of mold cycle time?


The importance of mold cycle There are many reasons tha […]

The importance of mold cycle

There are many reasons that affect the cycle of plastic molds, and three of them are directly affecting the cycle of molds.

1. The reasons for the mold itself: including a: cooling system, b: injection molding system, c: mold guiding system, d: ejection system, etc., can affect the cycle of the mold.

a: The cooling system requires uniform cooling, and the mold needs to be fully cooled.

b: The injection system requires uniform injection molding, and it is necessary to reduce injection molding obstacles, such as runner obstacles.

c: The guide system needs to be smooth and barrier-free with the guide post and other guides.

d: The ejection system should be able to eject the mold simultaneously without ejection noise.

2. Machine reason: Insufficient pre-molding speed of the machine will directly affect the cycle of the mold. Pre-molding is related to the screw speed. The injection speed includes such parameters as injection pressure, screw advancement speed, mold opening and closing speed, and ejection of the injection molding machine. And details will affect the mold cycle.

3. Other reasons affect the mold cycle cycle;

a, plastic flow,

b, injection molding process,

c, injection molding environment, such as cooling water temperature, climatic reasons.




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